Daily Schedule :

At dawn between 4 and 4.30 is performed MAULI’s PAHAT-PUJA (morning worship / prayers). Lately this is conducted by the Sansthan Samiti. While the PUJA is in progress, the WARKARIS perform their ablutions, washings etc and deposit their beddings into a shared trailer / caravan that is intended to assist and accompany the WARKARIs. After the PUJA is performed, the offerings (PRASAD) are presented by the SHITOLE family. The WARKARIS await instructions from MAULI’s tent to resume their march forward for the day. Once the offerings are laid, the CHOPDAR instructs the KARNA bearers to gong / announce the permission to start the walk for the day. These announcements are made thrice within a matter of half-an-hour. After the second announcement is made, the horse is brought in to pay respects to MAULI and lead the WARI. The CHOPDAR then signals to the palanquin bearers to mount the PALHI onto the chariot. The third gong or announcement follows. With this the WARKARIS start the walk for the new day.

The WARI progresses with brief and regular intermissions during the day. While the WARKARIS walk towards PANDHARPUR, they do take recourse to moments of rest. After a small interval in the morning, a lunch break and another halt in the evening, the WARI reaches its’ nightly destination. This is followed by the SAMAJ-AARTI (community prayers). The SAMAJ-AARTI has a special role in the scheme of things. For this AARTI, the DINDIs align themselves in circular patterns. In the open space around MAULIs tent is kept the PALKHI. Facing the PALKHI stand the representatives of the SHITOLE SARKAR, Shri Guru Haibat Baba and Shri Waskar Maharaj. To the right of the PALKHI stands Shri Chopdar. Facing him on the other side stand Shri MALAK and another CHOPDAR. Amidst the din and jangle of voices, cymbals and drums, the CHOPDAR raises the “CHOP” (silver staff) and cries out “HO” aloud. As if by magic, silence descends across the horizon and the BHAJAN (community prayer) comes to a halt. This discipline and command impresses even the most efficient police and law-makers. However, the DINDI which has some issue for discussion or grievance on hand continues to play the cymbals and drums as if in disciplined defiance. Following this, announcements about lost and found items, missing people, special instructions and the like are made. The itinerary for the next day is announced, night prayers said and the PALKHI retires into the tent of the SHITOLE SARKAR for the nightly rest. In presence of MAULI daily KEERTAN is performed by the designated DINDIs (MANACHE KEERTAN). It is routed in a pre-determined sequence and performed by traditional invitation only. Lamps and incense sticks are then offered in the AARTI and the JAAGAR SEVA (Vigil Duties) commence.