MAANKARIs ( Persons Entitled to Honours and Distinction) in WARI SOHALA :

Shri. MALAK :
The nature and regime of the PALKHI SOHOLA have been laid down by Shri Guru Haibat Baba. This continuum is conducted through his representative in the SOHALA. This representative of Shri Guru Haibat Baba is reverentially referred to as MALAK (literally means owner).

The SHITOLE SARKARS hail from Ankli near Belgaum in Karnataka. MAULI’s PADUKA (sandals) are rested during the night in the tent of the SHITOLE SARKARs. The golden pennon (JARIPATKA), horses and services of the horse-rider are offered to MAULI by the SHITOLEs as part of their worship, respect and hereditary honour. An offering (PRASAD) too is made for MAULI at six in the morning each day. This service to MAULI has been rendered by the SHITOLE SARKAR, unhindered since 1831. As a token of appreciation of this service a unique gesture of wearing the MAULI’s PADUKAS around the neck is bestowed on the SHITOLE SARKAR as the WARI proceeds in the last lapse from Wakhri to Pandharpur.

The CHOP is a silver staff representing the office of the CHOPDAR. The institution or office of the CHOPDAR existed even prior to the times of Shri Guru Haibat Baba. At present this office is held by the Randhwe family. Ensuring that the discipline and decorum of the SOHALA is maintained, coordinating the RINGAN (circular formation made by WARKARIs within which the horses perambulate), en-route sorting out the hitches and glitches confronting the various DINDIs are few of the tasks that the CHOPDAR is required to perform. This is in addition to the perennial duties that the CHOPDAR performs. At present, this responsibility is shouldered by Shri Balasaheb Chopdar, Shri Rajabhau Chopdar, Shri Uddhav Chopdar and Shri Rambhau Chopdar continuing their familial honour. MAULI’s CHOPDAR is honoured at the annual BEEJ SOHOLA (in the month of March) conducted by the Dehu Sansthan.

Shri. PANKHADHARI: The duty of fanning MAULI’s PADUKA using the PANKHA (large fan) during the halts or rests is carried on by the Mandke family hailing from Walhe.

Shri. KARNEKARI : In order to address and send instructions to the huge ocean of humanity, the WARKARIS, the KARNA (a kind of bugle) is used. This special KARNA weighs close to 25 kilos and carries sound / voice over a very long distance. The Waghmare family of Alandi has been performing this activity for over three generations now.

Shri. CHOWRIDHARI : The Kurhade family of Alandi performs the duty of fanning MAULIs PADUKA with the CHOWRI on the WARI trail.

ABDAGIRI : The ABDAGIRI, literally meaning an ornamented umbrella borne over the kings in their procession or PALKI is carried by Shri Moru Mali Alandikar.

GUARDS : Finally to maintain vigil and decorum in and around MAULI, the Chaudhari family of Alandi offers their services.

CHARIOT and Bullocks : MAULI’s CHARIOT (or RATH) is drawn by a pair of bullocks. These bullocks are offered by the residents of Alandi. This honour rests with the families of Shri Kurhade, Shri Ghundare, Shri Ranawade, Shri Warkhade, Shri Wahile and Shri Bhosale who share this responsibility in rotation over the years. A separate committee has been instituted to co-ordinate these arrangements.