The Wari Tradition

Haibat Baba requested and was granted royal patronage by Shrimant Anklikar SHITOLE SARKAR another SARDAR and eminent philanthropist at the GWALIOR COURT. The paraphernalia which included couple of horses, elephants, tents, PRASAD (daily offerings to the God), JARIPATKA (golden pennon) etc were provided by the SHITOLE SARKAR. This arrangement continues even today barring the provision of the elephant. Since Haibat Baba hailed from a SARDAR family, it is not surprising to see the WARI SOHALA’s adherence to military like rules, design, discipline, sequences and patterns of conduct. Later on, in 1852, the PANCH-SAMITI (Committee of decision-makers) which manages the affairs of the Alandi Sansthan was formed.

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